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ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration

ACME Lunar is the premiere location to settle in for a fulfilling life of digging moon dirt to mine glorious gases to be sent back down to Earth.

We're delighted to report that it has been 10 744 0 days since the last Alien Feudial War broke out on the surface ! A shining example of how safe interstellar travel and living can be.

Why wait for somebody else to take this glorious opportunity to see the stars, contact ACME Star Travel to book your tickets today !

Royal Lunar Empirical Judiciary.

Commander Asayo Ichikawa
ACME OICC Lunar Colony
Stationsstraat 262
8870 MOON

ACME Switchboard 24/7 - +44 (0)28 9244 8977

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